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Sun Bridge provides transportation not only between customs and bonded warehouse, but we can also transport your goods to any destination you choose.

Delivery room temperature can be adjusted between -25 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees Celsius.

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Charter truck delivery service (Chilled, Refrigerator and General cargo)
Consolidate delivery service Tokyo Metro Area (Chilled, Refrigerator and General cargo)
Transportation bonded cargo (Chilled, Refrigerator and General cargo)
Temperature control capability is between +20 and -25 degrees Celsius
All trucks are insured
Transportation companies
  • Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
  • RUNTEC co., ltd.
  • Fukuokaunyu
Dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.)
Processed food (ham, sausage, olives, tomatoes, etc.)
Dried food (dried fruits, dried tomatoes, nuts, etc.)
Canned and Bottled food
Drinks (juice, wine, beer, alcohol, etc.)
Confectionery (chocolate, cake, etc.)
Fruits, Vegetables
Frozen food, meat
Medicine / Medical supplies

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