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Goods Processing

We inspect the condition, weigh, wrap and label food such as cheese, ham, chocolate, wine, and dried fruits. The processing room is temperature controlled at 0 or 5 degrees Celsius to keep goods in excellent condition.

Most of the imported cheeses distributed in Japan are processed by Sun Bridge. In order to deliver cheeses in perfect condition, our goods management policy is very strict.

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Example (food processing)



We inspect the product one by one.



Then weigh each package.



We print many kinds of labels and paste them on the product.

【STEP4】Pick up

Pick up

Responding to orders from our customers, we pick the product up and arrange for delivery.



We pack up the product in a proper way. Your product will be packed in cardboard box, pallet wrapping, or any kind of packing to get them delivered safely and to keep the good condition.



Sun Bridge provides transportation not only between customs and bonded warehouse, but we can also transport your goods to any destination you choose.

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Example (food processing)

Example (Shrink wrapping)

We have shrink-wrapping machine for food package. We can provide you beatifully wrapped products as you request.

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Dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt)
Processed food (ham, sausage, olives,
Dried food (dried fruits,
dried tomatoes, nuts)
Canned and Bottled food
Drinks (juice, wine, beer, alcohol)
Confectionery (chocolate, cake)
Printing labels of all types
Quality goods inspection (cool room)
Weigh / Measure amount (cool room)
Labeling (cool room)
Shrink wrap packaging (cool room or
room temperature)
Sealing machine / Printer
(cool room or room temperature)
Assorting (cool room)
Goods inspection using metal detector
(cool room)
Picking (cool room)
All types of packaging (cool room)
Home delivery services (refrigerator or dry room)

For other types of products, please contact us by phone, e-mail or enquiry form.

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