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We have HACCP Certification from SGS Japan

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a food safety tool developed by Food Industry for Food Industry. HACCP inspects the entire process of food production to identify where the hazards are, then executes effective control actions and verifications. This system works as a risk management tool.

Based on our corporate philosophy "For safe and secure food", Sun Bridge got HACCP Certification in November 2017 from SGS Japan which is an international certification and verification company. Consumer's awareness of food safety and security is increasing. We will make further efforts to deliver safe and secure products to our customers.

Sun Bridge Services

Goods Processing

Goods Processing

We inspect, weigh, cut, pack, wrap and label imported food such as cheese, ham, dried fruits, wine, chocolate etc.

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Dust-free chamber

Dust-free chamber

Sun Bridge has a fully equipped, low temperature, dust-free chamber which protects goods from any dust or mold, and also keeps your merchandise fresh and in good condition.

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The proocesed goods, which have risen in commercial value at Sun Bridge's warehouse, are distributed to customers, shops or other destinations.

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